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Weekday School

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Looking for an emotionally supportive, intellectually stimulating environment for your child?

Consider Trinity Avenue Presbyterian Weekday School! Since the mid-1950s, we have sponsored the Weekday School for young children (ages 1-5) who are taking that important first step into the outside world. Toward this end,
the Weekday School:

  • Maintains small classes so that each child receives individual attention;

  • Devotes time to group endeavors and free play, helping the children develop and enjoy peer relationships;

  • Introduces basic readiness skills to help children prepare for formal school programs.


The school encourages close parent-teacher relationships and parental involvement in all aspects of the preschool experience so that children understand their parents’ interest in and support of life at school.

School Activities

Class activities vary in groups and according to the seasons, but a general list includes art, crafts, music, sharing time, creative movements, nursery rhymes and poetry, movies, storytelling, and free play indoors and out. Readiness includes individual small group work in basic mathematics and reading skills.

Summer Day Camps

In addition to the traditional school-year program, the preschool usually offers one week of camp in June, July, and August.  The camps operate on the same schedule as the preschool.


School Year:

September through Mid-May

Handbook, Tuition & Schedule, and Registration Materials

Weekday School Handbook:

Our handbook offers more in-depth information about school policies, procedures, and functioning.
Click on the PDF logo to download.

Tuition & Schedule Information:

Click here to download the info sheet.

2024-2025 Online Application:

Click here to apply.


All classes meet 9am-12pm

Note: There is an additional hour of supervised playtime from 12-1pm called "Play Pals." It is available each day for an additional minimal fee.

Class Schedule by Age:

1 year olds - 2 days a week (Mon & Wed)

2 year olds - 2-day, 3-day, 5-day-a-week options available

3 year olds - 3-day and 5-day a week options available

4 & 5 year olds - Meets 5 days a week

Weekday School Calendar

NOTE: Click on the name of any event listed below to see more details.

NOTE: Inclement Weather Protocol for the Weekday School

The Weekday School closes when Durham Public Schools (DPS) close for bad weather. 
Or if DPS has any delayed start for a school day related to weather, regardless of their start time, the Weekday School will start at 9:30am on that day.

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