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Life Together Groups

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Life Together Groups unite Trinity Avenue Folks  weekly in Christian community

Why are we gathering in Life Together Groups?

TAPC's Mission Statement is,
"Trusting God. Living in Christ. Loving All!"

“Living in Christ” means living out life in the company of one another, with Christ as the intentional center of our fellowship. As we open our hearts to one another, we open them to Jesus and experience his fullness, trustworthiness, and love all the more.

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them." - Matthew 18:20

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What does it mean to be in a Life Together Group?

Being a member of a Life Together Group means that you connect weekly with a small group of other members of the Trinity Avenue Presbyterian community. This connection can be via email, text, phone, or virtual meet-up.

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What are some examples of Life Together Groups?

Life Together Groups range in size from 5 people to 30 people. Some groups have been together for years; others are brand new. The Trinity Choir, Presbyterian Women Circles, Men’s Bible Study serve as Life Together Groups. Some Sunday School classes and Ministry Teams serve as Life Together groups as well. Many Life Together groups are small groups of friends who have met through church and enjoy growing in friendship through this simple, steady weekly connection.  Feel free to contact Life Together Faciliator, Ruth Petrea, with specific questions.

May I join a Life Together Group?

Absolutely! Contact Ruth Petrea (, facilitator of our Life Together initiative, and she will get you connected.

Life Together Group Leaders

What is the role of a Life Together Group Leader?

The Group Leader initiates a group communication every week, inviting group members to connect with each other. This may be a group email, a group text, or a virtual meet-up. The Group Leader communicates regularly with church member and Life Together facilitator, Ruth Petrea, about how the overall process is going. Ruth makes sure that Group Leaders have the support that they need.

May I lead a Life Together Group?

Absolutely! Invite some people from the Trinity Avenue Presbyterian community to join you in this great adventure of being known, and start a weekly communication with them. Please let Life Together facilitator,
Ruth Petrea, know that you are starting a group so that she can keep you informed and offer assistance when needed.

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